12609851_sDo I need to get a prescription from a doctor to have physical therapy?

Washington, D.C. has direct access. This means that you can have physical therapy without a prescription and without seeing a doctor first. However, some insurance companies still require a prescription for payment of services so you may want to call your insurance company or we can assist you in finding that information. All Medicare patients are required to have a prescription from a doctor after the initial evaluation. It is the patient’s responsibility to obtain and maintain all current prescriptions.

How do I know if physical therapy is covered by my insurance?

Pure Sports accepts all insurance plans. If you would like to determine the physical therapy coverage through your insurance plan, please call the office or email at purvi@puresportsdc.com In order to verify your benefits, we will need your insurance company’s name and phone number, your first and last name as shown on the insurance card, your phone number, and your date of birth. Pure Sports will then contact you, go over your benefits and schedule an appointment if you choose to make one.

What do I need for my first appointment?

Please bring with you your insurance card, the four completed new patients forms listed on the website and a Visa, MasterCard or personal check for payment. Forms will also be available at the front desk at Balance Gym if you choose to fill them out at the facility before your first appointment.

What should I expect for my first appointment?

Keys for the locker rooms are provided at the front desk at Balance gym where you can change and lock up your personal belongings. Please wear comfortable clothing for your first appointment, i.e.  shorts if you are coming in for a knee, hip or ankle injury and a tank top/sports bra if you are coming in for a neck, back, or shoulder injury. Your first session will include a review of your medical history, a series of questions including your goals, an evaluation of your injury, and a series of tests so that a comprehensive treatment plan can be developed.  You will also receive a home exercise program so that healing can begin from your first visit.

Is there parking available?

There is plenty of street parking around the facility. Many streets off Wisconsin Avenue have free residential parking for 2 hours. There are also plenty of metered spots that you can park at for 2 hours at a time. There are a few bus lines which stop in front of the facility including the circulator.

Why come to Pure Sports Physical Therapy?

Pure Sports is inherently different from any other practice in Washington, D.C. The patient is only seen by a licensed physical therapist for up to an hour. You will get the same physical therapist for every session, as this is a crucial component of continuity of care. Pure Sports strives to provide the best quality of care with personalized and individualized attention.