Purvi combines great learning and skill with a hands-on, analytical approach to physical therapy.  She has patiently worked me (and my physicians) through a series of debilitating musculoskeletal issues, helping me recover from injuries while, at the same time, serving as an inspiring coach and cheerleader who keeps me going through the rough patches.  She is more than a skilled physical therapist because she has an instinct for how to facilitate healing while she inspires the patient to do what is needed to support the healing process. -M.M.


I have worked with Purvi on-and-off for the last 5 years, and I can confidently say that Purvi is one of the best medical professionals in the DC area.    After seeing one confused doctor after another, I was referred to Purvi by an orthopedist in 2008.  When no one could figure out what was wrong with me, Purvi hypothesized that I had a labral tear and found me a hip specialist. Three weeks later, I was scheduled for surgery for two labral tears in my left hip, and not only was Purvi there to help me recover after the surgery, but she even came and scrubbed into my surgery.  Purvi works in close contact with my doctor through 2 surgeries spread over 4 years and been a cheerleader for me even when I was the most defeated.  In spite of the beating I’ve given to my hips, I am getting better every day with the help of Purvi.  She is hands down the best physical therapist I have ever been to and likely the best physical therapist in DC.  She gives you and your injuries her undivided attention, unlike most PTs in the area, and you will never doubt that you are getting the best PT you can find.  Even better, Purvi’s personality makes coming to PT like visiting a friend!  -S.W.


There is no better physical therapist than Purvi Sheth. Period.  She is knowledgable, competent, and effective no matter the type of injury or pain. She analyzes the problem and knows how to resolve it, as well as teach the client how to continue therapy.  My husband and I both see her and marvel at her abilities to diagnose a problem correctly and treat it successfully.  We would see no other physical therapist.  Clients can seek help at Pure Sports Physical Therapy with complete confidence that they will be in the best care with Purvi Sheth.  -M.S.